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Never ending list of favorite scenes  (1.22) 4/

↳ No.

I love how we see in this episode Sam’s loyalty to Dean. we see it here, when it’s really hard to believe John is actually possessed, and Dean doesn’t need to explain much, he says ‘He’s different’  and  that’s enough, that’s good enough for Sam, and it takes him less than a minute to stand beside Dean. 

We will see it later on this episode when John is asking Sam to kill him, Sam is about to do it, until Dean says ‘No Sammy, don’t do it’, and he drops the gun. 

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Sam + spoons

#I just had this revelation, like my mind was blown…#Sam has this oral fixation with spoons #and Dean was all “Want me to do the airplane thing?” #Dean probably fed him when he was little and DID THE AIRPLANE THING so little Sammy would eat #then he gets all upset when that psychic guy bends his spoon and omg idk but….#I totally ship Sam + spoons now lol

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